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W. Sharokee Music is a music publishing company that carries music portfolios of several Atlanta based composers who write for solo art performers; school and church choral ensembles; chamber groups; organists, and various other combinations.  We are a company on the horizon that honors traditional sounds of music as well as contemporary sounds of music.  In addition to music works, W. Sharokee Music’s catalogs include recordings, music books, narratives and novels.

W. Sharokee Music and Publishing was founded 2014 by composer Sharon J. Willis in an effort to publish her catalog; the Alonzo Alexander III catalog and selected works of other talented Atlanta composers looking for a publishing house or administrative services by which to sale their compositions.  It is our mission to serve that group of composers and to offer a different experience while providing a diverse and unique catalog to individuals, educational institutions, churches, and professional and amateur performing groups.

Peaks Above Clouds

"Let all my Life be Music"

Charles Gilbert Spross


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